About Institute of Western Music & Speech (IWMS)
The Institute of Western Music & Speech was founded in 1960, when it was known as the "Association of Teachers of Western Music and Dramatic Art". It was the combined effort of qualified experienced teachers of Music, Speech and Drama, who dedicated themselves solely towards achieving a common objective - that of promoting, nurturing and developing the talents of the children of our country in the field of Western Music, Speech and allied subjects.

Today, the Institute (IWMS ) is a fully fledged, state-recognised Institute, incorporated in 1988,by the Act of Parliament No. 44 without share capital or other commercial attribute. It has grown in stature, and has established reputation as the largest, most progressive and innovative, local Examining Body in Sri Lanka conducting a record number of examinations island-wide, in Music, Speech and allied subjects in all grades including Diploma. The syllabuses compiled by qualified experienced examiners are in keeping with internationally accepted standards. The Institute met this challenge way back in 1971, when the conduct of foreign examinations was discontinued. The introduction of Written English Examinations and Speech Theory in 1984 was another step towards the expansion in the scope of examinations. The syllabuses in Speech subjects, Spoken English and Written work offer the best of both traditional and contemporary thinking on the value of the Spoken and Written word in modern life and the best ways to examine the work presented. Another challenge was met in 1999, when at the request of numerous teachers, the IWMS introduced the Senior Certificate in Theory of Music/English Language examinations. This will be beneficial to candidates offering Music/English as a subject at the G.C.E.(Ordinary Level) Examination. As a help to teachers, IWMS introduced in 1988 the Certificate of Proficiency for the teaching of English, Levels I and II in Practical and Theory. We have introduced similar examinations in 2002 for the benefit of Music Teachers too.

In addition to this, in keeping with the objectives of the Institute, several other programmes in the form of concerts and competitions have been organized throughout the years with a view to encouraging young talent.

The Institute has always catered to the needs of the teachers of Music, Speech and allied subjects, by way of organizing seminars, workshops and programmes which have paved the way for closer co-operation, understanding and cordiality between the teachers of Music and Speech and the Examiners of the Institute.

A long felt need was realized in 1993 when the Institute moved in to its own premises at No. 12, Kotalawela Gardens, Colombo 04. Currently the office is managed by an efficient staff, whilst the members render their honorary services to the Institute.

The Institute of Western Music and Speech is a firmly rooted body, comprising a membership of professionally qualified teachers in Music, Speech and allied subjects who contribute immensely towards the smooth functioning of the Institute and the conduct of its examinations. Its funds and property are vested in the Institute and are devoted solely to the advancement of the Arts, Music, Speech and allied subjects as set in its Constitution.    Back >>

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